VM-Carpet can provide rugs according to your measurements, with backing, cutting and packing.

Rugs are cut from a roll 4 metres wide and 30–60 metres long, and within this size we can cut the rugs to almost any shape. You can choose the shape from our collections or design the model yourself. Often the shape is based on the layout of furniture or the shape or atmosphere of the room. Themes can include hobbies, animals or cartoon shapes.

The best material for form-cut rugs is shaggy rug, such as Elysee, Hattara, Tessa, Code, Satine and Romance. Rugs with edge binding are also available in special shapes, although the binding may pose restrictions on the straightness of the rug edges. As far as the standard sizes are concerned, our custom-shaped rugs are divided into two groups depending on whether they are cut from a square or rectangular piece. Custom sizes are available up to a maximum width of 4 metres.

You can order custom shapes in the PRODUCTS section when placing a rug order. Just enter the shape or size of the rug you want in the menu.