Product info

VM Carpet mats are made of the best materials in the world. They withstand time and wear well.


VM Carpet carpets are woven mainly from natural fibers such as wool, cotton and paper twine…

Custom order

Homes come in different sizes and a standard size rug does not always fit into your interior in the best possible way…


Primed rugs have an EVA or EVAPOLYTEX base that keeps the rug upright…

Care instructions

When the carpet comes to your new home, read the care instructions and keep them. You can also find carpet-specific care instructions for the carpet…


VM-Carpet strives to operate with a low impact on the environment, and the aim is to utilize the waste pieces generated in manufacturing…


We work closely with our country's leading designers. Welcome to get to know!

Order a sample of the material

Nothing replaces a real sample of material. You see the real color and you feel the material in your fingers. We will provide the sample you want for your viewing and touching.

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