Most of VM Carpet rugs are made of natural fibres, such as wool, cotton and paper yarn. Paper yarn has been used as raw material at VM-Carpet for more than 20 years. The paper yarn is also twisted and dyed at VM-Carpet’s factory in Lappajärvi.

Paper yarn

Paper yarn is a genuine natural material, which is made of an ecologically produced renewable natural resource, wood. The fibres of pine and spruce make the yarn strong and durable. Paper is both hygienic and safe. Due to its dense fibre structure, paper yarn does not collect dust or dirt, which is an important feature for people with dust allergies.

Paper yarn has been used as a material in VM-Carpet’s rugs since the beginning of the 1990s. The use of paper yarn, as a textile material in Finland, roots back to WWII, when the import of cotton was almost completely suspended. Materials to replace it were sought after, in which respect Finland was self-sufficient. One was wood, which was used to develop various replacement materials. The textile industry began to produce e.g. rugs out of paper yarn. After the war, the availability of materials was easier and the use of paper yarn in textiles was forgotten for a few decades, until at the end of the 1980s the unique features of paper yarn were rediscovered and the material was yet again utilised in the rug industry.

The paper yarn used by VM-Carpet comes from Sweden or USA, either as brown or white shredded paper, which is rolled into a dense paper yarn. It is then spun dyed in its own dye house and rolled in to ready-to-use paper yarn.


Wool is a textile fibre obtained from sheep. Wool fibres are made up of keratin, molecule chains created from approximately one hundred proteins with different molecular structures. Thus, wool is a protein, i.e. the same substance as human nails and hair.

The best features of wool include warmness and moisture absorption. The curliness of the wool fibre and the air layer it binds within it make wool a good insulation material. As a rug material, wool is excellent due to its thermal insulation capacities and because its surface repels dirt and moisture due to its natural grease. Wool is also highly flame resistant and it extinguishes by itself.

New Zealand’s pure, new felted wool is used in VM-Carpet’s rugs. The wool has an Öko-Tex certificate. A rug that is made of felted wool is particularly soft and doesn’t shed wool fibre.


Our high-quality, certified linen is grown in Belgium, Europe. Its timeless, luxurious look and feel make linen a beautiful material for rugs and carpets. The pre-shrunk linen and felted wool we use have been plied into continuous weft. We weave wool and linen into rugs and carpets and combine them with paper yarn. The result is a luxurious looking home textile, brimming with Nordic aesthetics. We also tuft the same weft to create pile rugs and carpets that elegantly bring out the great characteristics and beautiful sheen of linen.


Cotton is the most common natural fibre. It is a soft fibre, which is obtained from the seed fluff of cotton plants that grow as bushes. The cotton fibre is almost entirely made of cellulose. Cotton is used in yarns and fabrics. Approximately 45 percent of all textile fibres are cotton.
The features of cotton include breathability, good moisture absorption and a pleasant feel, as well as the fact that it decomposes, it is durable when wet and it has a good washing durability, as is the case with all natural fibres. Cotton rarely causes allergic reactions. If it is cared for well, a cotton textile will last for a long time.
The cotton yarn used in the cotton-paper yarn rugs manufactured by VM-Carpet is made of 80% recycled cotton which is strengthened with 20% polyester. The weft that is used is either as a thread or the yarn is knitted with a special hollow weft. The hollow weft that is knitted with thin cotton yarn gives the rug volume and softness. It also brings liveliness to the surface of the rug, because during the weaving phase the weft is able to twist freely.


Polyamide is used as a material in rugs, particularly in locations that require high durability. Polyamide is a durable, light and flexible material, which is easy to dye.

The polyamide rugs in VM-Carpet’s collection come to the factory as semi-fabricated products. At VM-Carpet, they are based, cut into rugs and, if necessary, they are edged. Many new polyamide rugs have a pleasant soft feel. The polyamide rugs in our collection have a GUT sertificate.

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