Care instructions

Our rugs and carpets are designed for a home full of life, to withstand daily wear and to be admired during special occasions. Vacuum your rug or carpet regularly and remove any loose dirt as soon as possible. You get care instructions with the rug. Read them and keep for future reference. You can also find rug-specific instructions on the rug’s page on our website.

The majority of the rugs can be washed with water. Wash the rug gently in max. +30ºC water with mild detergent and soft brush. Do not soak or rub. Rinse carefully with plenty of water. Extract the excess water e.g. by a roller press. Shape the damp carpet with care. Air dry flat. Do not fold up a rug with a backing. When you roll up a rug for cleaning or storing, roll it with the backing in. All our woven rugs are treated with stain repellent protection at our factory.

Snow cleaning is another handy way to clean and freshen up your rugs. Cool down the rug, then lay it out in the snow, shovel clean snow on top and rub the snow against the rug. Repeat the treatment a couple of times and then let it dry.

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