Our company would not exist without the people behind it. Our rugs are made and used by individuals. A part of being human is the permission to make mistakes. We learn from them. Our products are made to stand up to the wear and tear of a home full of life.

VM Carpet invests in good and safe working conditions and skill development. Human rights and equal opportunities are our foundations.

“Our company values are authenticity, entrepreneurship, domestic manufacture and humanity. These values are reflected in our daily lives.” – Our staff gave this statement the high mark of 4.26 out of 5.00 in a well-being survey conducted by Varma in March 2021. In the same well-being survey, VM Carpet got 8.8 out of 10 for its staff’s ability to work, which is significantly higher than Varma’s customers’ average of 8.1


Our family business is located by the shores of Lake Lappajärvi and makes rugs to size. All our activities are guided by our promise to respect nature and burden the environment as little as possible. Most of our products have the Key Flag Symbol to show that they are made in Finland.

We use any waste pieces left over from production for our own operations as far as possible and if there is still something left, it is used as waste-to-energy fuel in Korsholm near Vaasa.

VM Carpet has previously already started using 100% climate-neutral hydropower. Greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation during a product’s life cycle are offset by emission reduction certificates (CER, Certified Emission Reduction or VER, Voluntary Emission Reduction), which are granted to projects that use renewable energy sources.

VM Carpet’s use of eco-friendly energy is complemented by a solar power plant. We want to do more for the environment than just be climate-neutral. In 2021, we built the Ralos solar power plant with a peak power output of 36.48 kWp. It generates approximately 34,860 kWh of energy per year.

We are on the way to even more environmentally responsible way of operating. We are building an EcoCompass Environmental System. We have also calculated the carbon footprint of our operations.

Video: Ralos Aurinkovoimalat.


VM Carpet has a strong economic performance, which guarantees an excellent foundation for sustainable renewal in line with our values.

We are happy to comply with all our legal obligations. We pay all our taxes in Finland. Our employees’ commitment to the company and their long service records show that we pay them appropriately and on time for the work they do.

Suomen Asiakastieto, one of Finland’s leading providers of digital business and consumer information services, has granted VM Carpet the highest possible certificate, ‘Strongest in Finland’. It is proof of our positive financial figures, creditworthiness, reliability and excellent payment behaviour.

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