We are rightly proud of the high-quality backing of our rugs. We don’t sweep anything under the carpet; instead, the backing is just as important to us as the top side of the rug.

All our rugs that have backing come with a top-quality EVA or EVAPOLYTEX® backing that will maintain your rug’s shape and prevent it from sliding under your feet. EVA is short for ethylene-vinyl acetate. The same material is used for packaging in the food industry and for sports shoes, for example. This backing method has been chosen in collaboration with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

We don’t use any glue at all in applying the backing. Instead, you could say we “weld” the backing onto the rug in a large oven to create a first-class finish for the bottom of the rug.

Our backing doesn’t flake off and is well suited for all kinds of floor surfaces, such as wood, marble, stone, etc. In designing this backing, we have taken underfloor heating into account: our rugs bind as little of the underfloor heating as possible, allowing it to spread into the room instead. Underfloor heating also doesn’t damage the backing because our rugs are designed to be durable and to create safe floor surfaces.

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