Popcorn design Elina Helenius

The exuberant POPCORN is a playful combination of shades of white, woven from high-quality wool and recycled cotton loop yarn. The texture of the POPCORN rug bubbles with the joy of life, and the hand-knotted fringe adds the finishing touches to the rug’s airy style. POPCORN looks equally stunning in a relaxed decor as in a sophisticated one. Its luxurious feel invites you to dig your toes into its softness.

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Type: Cotton-wool rug
Material: Weft: 50% recycled cotton, 38% New Zealand wool, 12% PES, Warp: 98% wool, 2% PES
Care instructions: Regular care will extend the life of your rug. Regular vacuuming is recommended. Take your rug out to fresh air from time to time and give it snow baths during the winter. Stains can be gently removed with clean water.
Washing instructions: For a full cleaning we recommend gentle level washing +30°C.

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