Vento impresses with its liveliness and harmony. Shades and materials dance harmoniously together. The look has the right kind of patina and maritime nuances. Vento means ‘wind’ in Italian, it gently reflects the appearance of the rug. The Vento rug is comfortably soft and can be combined with other interior design.
The Vento rug originated from the skills of our weavers. For five decades in weaving, the masters have guided the next generations. Taught them lessons that are not taught in school. One of the masters of weaving, Ari Vento, took a well-deserved retirement recently. The weavers wanted to show the best lessons and the result was the Vento rug bearing Ari’s name. The look of the rug is warm and approachable, like master Ari Vento.
The rug ha beens made of high-quality certified felted wool from New Zealand and paper cord made by VM Carpet in Finland. It is carefully finished on all edges with matching border. The rug stays in place thanks to the EVAPOLYTEX® underlay developed in Finland. The Vento rug lasts well in everyday life and at parties – it has been treated as dirt-repellent and is completely water-washable.

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Type: Wool rug
Material: 47% wool, 47% paper yarn, 6% polyester
Foundation: EVAPOLYTEX®
Care instructions: Regular vacuum cleaning. Remove stains immediately with clean damp cloth. Do not rub.
Washing instructions: Dry foam or gentle level wash in max. +30ºC water with mild detergent and soft brush. Do not soak or rub. Rinse carefully with plenty of water. Extract the excess water e.g. by a roller press. Shape the damp carpet with care. Air dry flat. Do not fold. Professional level washing is recommended.

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