We make close cooperation with the leading designers in Finland. Welcome to meet them!

Elina Helenius
Textile designer Master of Arts Elina Helenius was graduated from University of Art and Design Helsinki, now known as AALTO University. Over twenty years she has been co-operating with the best Finnish and international textile and design companies. Besides her creative work Elina Helenius gives lectures at AALTO UNIVERSITY School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Elina Helenius, nominated as a Finnish Textile Artist of the Year 2012, is awarded ¬several times in design competitions and her textiles belong to collection of Helsinki Design Museum, Gothenburg’s Röhsska Museet and Kyoto Textile Research Center. With VM Carpet Elina has made cooperation more than ten years. One of her most popular works for VM Carpet is a beautiful Laituri wool rug which can be said to be a classic. https://vm-carpet.fi/tuote/laituri-design-elina-helenius/
Liina Blom
Liina Blom has 20 years’ experience from the design of interior products. She has worked with thousands of designs, hundreds of projects and she still has the passion to create enthusiastic world around us. Liina’s products reflect her commitment to explore the use of textiles: new combinations of materials and innovative techniques create unique, sustainable and functional aesthetics. She thinks it’s very important to know the textile’s purpose of use, its ultimate goal. All materials have their own characteristics and she wants to highlight them in her products. In VM Carpet collection you can see Liina’s working in Valkea wool rug and in Honka paper yarn rug. https://vm-carpet.fi/tuote/valkea-design-liina-blom/
Jukka Rintala
Jukka Rintala is one of the most famous fashion designers in Finland. His luxury and glorious evening dresses have become familiar from the ceremony of Independence Day. Besides fashion you can see Jukka’s gentle and at the same time strong handprint in interior decoration and paintings. The cooperation between Jukka and VM Carpet has continued 30 years. For VM Carpet Jukka has designed many awesome hand-tufted rugs in which you can sense the soft touch of his paintbrush. In VM Carpet collection there are also traditional colourful rag rugs from Jukka. The cooperation continues and Jukka is brewing something quite unique. You will hear more of that very soon.
Hanna Korvela
Hanna Korvela is one of the most respected carpet designers in Finland. Korvela's internationally recognised product range consists of woven carpets of paper yarn and cotton tricot, luxurious tufted woollen carpets, and lighter rya rugs. To Hanna life is feeling the touch of different materials, sensing the scent of cleanliness, hearing both sounds and silence, tasting different flavours Hanna Korvela represents pure materials, clear shapes, high quality, and harmonic beauty whose strength never ceases to impress, year after year and decade after decade. For VM Carpet Hanna has designed Aqua which is a water-resistant woven rug with a fresh and clean style.
Eeva Mela
Eeva is a 48-year old designer from Helsinki. She has headed the artistic policy of Design studio Ratia together with Ristomatti Ratia for years and today she continues as the Director of Design in the studio. Creating something new with Eeva is fun, inspiring, and above all, productive. She is in charge of artistic side of RATIA designs and is responsible for the success of the projects. She has over ten years of experience in design and has a firm grasp of what a Director of Design does, and it shows at every stage of the RATIA design process. We can see something new from Eeva in VM Carpet 2020 collection.